Chanson " Baby Hero" de Babak Amani

There was a time when, you were a part of me,
I gave you comfort, kept you inside of me
We were united, such an amazing start
But all too sudden, nature set us apart
My baby hero, my little angel
We will, see this through

So very distant, yet still before my soul
Watching through glass walls, it seems I lost control
Ten tiny fingers, ten even smaller toes
Twenty more reasons, for me to see you grow
My baby hero, be strong now,
Hold on, hold on

A world awaiting you, beyond this wall
I know in time you’ll see, it all
You have a family, you’re not alone
Soon you’ll be breathing on, your own
We will be here with you, to love and care for you
Together we will see this through

Both our fingers, joining in light caress
Familiar heart beats, as you lean on my chest
Through all the hard times, through every high and low
We stand together, anxious for you to grow
My baby hero, we’ll help you, come home


Babak Amani et Siavash Habibi